About Customization

We offer custom gaming mouse pads, Custom gaming playmats for customizing printing, custom size and custom shape. We provide dedicated managers

who are responsible for one-to-one follow-up work and are responsible for personalized customized services. Whether you have placed an order or

are about to place an order, we will arrange professionals to provide you with professional services. Contact her now!

Customization Qustions & Answers

How to Upload file?
Custom Size Limited
  1. Custom printing size limitation: Length: 125cm(49.2″), Height: 95cm(37.4″)
  2. Black or white Mat size limitation: Length: 250cm(98.4″), Height: 120cm(47.2″)
  3. Custom Leather Mat size limitation: Length: 250cm(98.4″), Height: 135cm(53.1″)
Custom Preview
Artwork Templates

Simply, just upload or send us the image, you will get the custom preview via email from the professionals. So please upload or send us the image for customization firstly.

We listed a part of artwork template as PDF format. You can edit it by Photoshop or other graphic editor. If you need other size template, please contact us to add more templates.

Image resolution for customization