Do you need a custom mouse pad in L shape?

L shape mouse pad

Do you have custom Mouse pad in ”L” shape ? We always met such questions to ask custom L shape mouse pad for the desktop.

Yes, we can custom L shape mouse pad or irregular mouse pads per your desktop sizes or outline.

Before start to custom shape, you need to measure your desk or table top sizes by ruler.

Measure L shape desktop guide
custom size table mat with L shape
This example shows the custom L shape mouse pad with custom printed wood texture.

It’s simply to custom your own L shape mouse pad per the desktop sizes offered.

Notes: Any materials and printers have their limitation with their size scope.

1, mouse pad materials size limitation

Custom Size Limitation of table mat or deskpad

2, Printer printing size limitation

Custom printing size guide

Custom own L shaped mouse pad now!

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    Looking to order a custom sized L shaped mouse pad, the right dimensions arent on here.

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    How do.i buy it

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