Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 PRO Special edition gaming mouse | IE3.0 PRO Mouse

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Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 PRO Special edition gaming mouse | IE3.0 PRO Mouse

5.00 out of 5
(10 customer reviews)

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Quick Overview

New Microsoft Pro Intellimouse with 3389 sensor!


  • We ship it to most of countries of world(world-wide delivery).
  • First class AirMail – It will be 2-4 weeks delivered with online tracking.
  • Express shipping- It will be take about 7 days on the way.

*** All shipping information are online traceable ***

For Express delivery, it will be via express delivery, such DHL, FedEx or EMS. It will take about 7 days delivered most of countries, such USA, Western Europe, Japan, Australia and other Asian countries.  Shipping from Hong Kong, which may be charged import duty in Europe(possibly, very less chance).


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Product Description

PRO intellimouse bundle discount and gifts

New Microsoft Pro Intellimouse with 3389 sensor!

IE PRO gaming mouse was released by Microsoft in December 2018. Customizable side keys, rollers and RGB taillights, comfortable grip.

Mouse Tracking System PixArt PAW 3389 PRO-MS, Refresh rate up to 12000FPS, DPI range 200-16000, Tracking speed up to 400 IPS/50G

• E-sports level special PAW 3389 PRO-MS optical engine, 16,000 DPI
• Customizable 2 side and middle wheel buttons (see compatibility)
• Customizable RGB taillights, preset 8-color quick selection
• Skin-like side skirt and side button texture optimized for a comfortable grip

Mircosoft IE PRO gaming mouses featuresInnovative Optical Engine of IE PRO gaming mouses

Product Information:

Compatibility: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 S, Windows 8.1, Windows 7
*Custom Keys are only available for Windows 10 Pro / Windows 10 Home / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7

Size: 132mm*69mm*43mm,  mouse cable size 1830mm

Weight: 104g (average, no cable), 132g (+/- 8g) (with wire weight)

Color: Dark sand / silver


  • Mouse Tracking System PixArt PAW 3389 PRO-MS
  • Refresh rate up to 12000FPS
  • DPI range 200-16000
  • Tracking speed up to 400 IPS/50G (* depending on the user’s usage, mouse pad and surface, etc.) will vary.

Silver Microsoft intellimouse pro gaming mouse Dark sand Microsoft intellimouse pro gaming mouse

Product Features

  • Mouse response speed 1000Hz (default), plus 500Hz and 125Hz adjustable
  • Mouse button 5 buttons, including the wheel button
  • Left and right button life 20,000,000 times
  • Wheel button life 350,000 times
  • Quality assurance 2 years

*Using Windows 7 version of Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center users, need to update Windows 7 (recommended) or manually install
NET version

Mircosoft Pro IntelliMouse packing boxes Mircosoft IE3.0 PRO gaming mouses with boxes

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TP5A Mouse skates design for IE3 PRO

Additional Information


Dark Sand, Silver

Free Gift

10 dots IE3.0 mouse feet, Sticker, Nothing

Gaming Gear Discount

R-Curve Mouse Skates for IE3.0 (2 sets included), IE3.0 Mouse skates 30 dots, Pro mouse bungee, Hotline Mouse Bungee, Aqua control plus, Aqua control plus & 30 dots IE3.0 mouse skates, No need

Custom MousePads and Playmats introduction

1, Materials: Rubber & Fabric

Showing details of rubber mouse pad materials
Fabric top and rubber bottom with non-slip texture
  • Natural rubber
  • 100% Polyester fabric

2, Edge treatment

edge treatment comparing
Corners & Edge Introducing

3, Surface: Smooth VS Rough

Image printing comparing on smooth fabric and rough surface
Surface Introducing

4, Upload Artwork

You can upload here for your order or Preview before order.

5, Order Work Flow

Custom item Order Workflow

6, About Printing

Custom Size Limited

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5.00 out of 5

10 reviews for Microsoft Intellimouse 3.0 PRO Special edition gaming mouse | IE3.0 PRO Mouse

  1. :

    The best shape you can buy, the best sensor on the market PERFECT!!

  2. :

    Best shape of all time. By far best mouse on the market and this is the best place to get it from

  3. (verified owner):

    This mouse is legendary! The best places to buy it!
    Shape and sensor is the best on the market

  4. :

    Hey everyone, ncck from here – just wanted to report ordered the mouse from here with express shipping and it arrived 3-4 days on east coast (so that’s really fast) also the product is legit so nothing to worry about. Was recognized immediately with microsofts software for the mouse.

    For those who loved the intellimouse – this thing is pretty fantastic all around. Good build quality, great shape, and the sensor is top tier. I’m not a fan of the cable they went with but it’s completely livable. This mouse is big though so for sure those with smaller hands you may not enjoy the size.

    Anyway basically just wanted to report it’s legitimate for any of those curious/worried. I’ve also had x-ray pad in the past send me a mousepad so don’t be worried.

  5. (verified owner):

    Great mouse from a great shop. Do not hesitate, get it while you can. It took about 5 days to arrive to Sweden and 6 days in customs. Thanks X-ray.

  6. :

    Quick shipping to Europe with the express option. I expected about 7 days, but I received it after 5. IE 3.0 is one of my all time favourite shapes, this one is like the old ones, just improved in all areas. It might replace my Zowie EC2 long term. The mouse identified properly with Microsoft Keyboard and Mouse Center. The sensor seems to perform as expected in a quick sensor test with paint. I’m happy with X-raypad, I had a question on Facebook and they answered promptly within a day. Can recommend them if you are looking to buy a Pro Intellimouse.

  7. :

    Arrived nicely packaged today. Perfect original MS box inside, plus some gift mouse feet and coupon card. The seller DID fulfilled my request of a comment regarding the item value for shipping ! Special kudos for that 🙂
    As for the mouse – best mouse I used, period. And I used a lot of these since ’93 🙂 Perfect build quality, out-of-the box correct settings in MS Mouse and Keyboard program. Unmatched precision – I was able to do BOTH high precision per-pixel and casual full-screen movements on a 27″ monitor. Flawless build quality – no squeezing parts, very pleasant buttons, and an over-the-top sensor. Bravo MIcrosoft, once in a while you do something good 🙂 If you liked the original MS mice from 2000’s – grab this one (only the PRO version of course).

  8. :

    Got mine from here. Excelent service. Package arrived in 6 days by express delivery in Europe. Faster than I expected.
    Thank you guys for the professional services.

  9. (verified owner):

    I had an amazing purchase experience buying from XRAYPAD. The items were shipped to Brazil (other side of the world), and the product came super well packaged.

    I had an original intellimouse 3.0 and to be able to use it once again with updated DPI optical sensors is a bless. I bought the dark grey one and it looks SUPERB in every way.

    Tip: once you buy the mouse from XRAYPAD, remember to install the drivers by browsing google with intellimouse pro drivers. Once it is installed, the settings will be available through a new tab in the original windows’ mouse settings. You can pump the DPI to 16k, change mouse buttons assignments and even change the color of the LED. I’m loving this mouse!

    I’d definitely do new purchases in XRAYPAD in the future!

  10. :

    To be honest I’m in love with the X-RAYPAD – awesome expierience. They are so nice and happy to talk with u. Their response time is so quick!!! They care about customers and they try to do their best!

    My order was delivered in like 6-7 days to POLAND!! Product came well packed. I’m so happy I got my oldschool mouse in new edition its the best mouse ever!!!!!

    I reccomend X-RAYPAD in everyway!!!! If u want to buy something there – don’t wait – just talk to them – They will help u in everyway.

    In the future I will definitely use your services!
    Thank u X-RAYPAD TEAM <3

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