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HalfwayDead asked 5 days ago

Hey, I’m looking to buy a custom mousepad and the colour wouldn’t look good with black stitching. I saw that the Minerva pad seems to be available with white stitching in 3XL while others like the Thor pad only have black stitching. Is there a reason for that? It seems based on the examples, where the print goes right to the stitching, that the stitching is applied after the print so it would seem like any stitching should be possible. Based on the description, I think I would prefer the surface of the Thor pad but I’m obviously not trying to get a custom pad if it’s not going to look good. Thank you!

1 Answers
Michael Staff answered 5 days ago

Hi, It’s no problem with black or white edge stitched. Please leave your requirement on the order Notes on check out page. 

g535353 replied 5 days ago

Sorry, it just arrived!
Thanks for the nice mouse pad!

Michael Staff replied 5 days ago

Hi, please logistic issue here: https://shop.x-raypad.com/about-shipping/

g535353 replied 5 days ago

Sorry, I didn’t know where to ask a new question, so I’ll ask it here.
I sent two e-mails to inquire about delivery, but there was no response.
Maybe I didn’t send the email correctly.

On the subject, I’m a little worried because the status of the shipped items is not updated.
Is this normal?