Equate Plus

mattmattmatt4 asked 2 weeks ago

Hi, I have 3 questions regarding the Equate Plus mouse pad:

  1. Is the pad coated?
  2. Does the pad’s surface irritate sensitive skin?
  3. Does washing renew the pad’s original glide?

Thank you.

3 Answers
Michael Staff answered 2 weeks ago

Thanks for your questions, please see my answers as below:
1,  Ink coated.
2, Not sure. To be safe, you can select the Aqua Control Plus
3, I think any fabric, after washing, will be different from new clothes. Because the mouse pad surface is a fabric.

mattmattmatt4 replied 2 weeks ago

Thank you for your response. Which Aqua Control Plus would you recommend for sensitive skin? White, Black or ROB Strata?

Michael Staff answered 2 weeks ago

ROB Strata or White

mattmattmatt4 replied 2 weeks ago

Great thank you!

aCot answered 2 weeks ago

sorry to hijack this question but I couldn’t figure out how to ask one. Are any different sizes or custom sizes of the AC+ planned? I’d be interested in a 70/75cm x 40cm one.

Michael Staff replied 2 weeks ago

We will consider the new size later.