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kona asked 1 month ago

What does that mean? When ordering over 100$ it says “free shipping coupon”, but doesn’t apply shipping is still 25$. 
I remember that shipping was free for orders over 100$ so I was expecting to use that

3 Answers
Holly Kwang Staff answered 1 month ago

Hi Kona, the free shipping for most of countries, but not including mouse.  which country ship to?

kona replied 1 month ago

To Russia, I was trying to buy 2 mousepads and mouse skates

Michael Staff answered 1 month ago

Yes, you can get the free shipping if the order amount to USD99

jeffogu replied 1 month ago

Actually that doesnt mean much at all, mice should be included for free shipping. I’m from Turkey and only shipping option is Express Shipping. Total shipping fee is nearly 35 USD for Hati-S and Equate Plus XXL. it kills all the buyability of these products.

Michael Staff answered 1 month ago

We offer free shipping to Turkey, but not includes the mouse.