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Shadman Azad asked 1 month ago

The tracking says arriving at canada airport since 26 February and no new updates. Do I even get to know which local delivery will pick it up or anything ?

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Carson Frazer answered 1 month ago

i am having the same issue

Michael Staff answered 1 month ago

Canada airport processing very slowly, it may take 7-10 days at the airport.

Shadman answered 1 month ago

Hello, I am wondering when will it go for delivery ? It has been showing Arrival in Canada. Also its past 15 days.

Suki Huang Staff answered 1 month ago

Hi, Now the Canada airport and the post office are processing very slowly, it may delay 3-4 weeks. If you’re close to the Airport or the Post office, We hope you can contact them and ask if you can go to pick it up by yourself.   We will check with our forwarder and push it ASAP. Hope you can understand.

Shadman answered 1 month ago

Hi, thanks for the reply!
I am wondering if you can tell me how would I be able to contact them or which postal service will I contact.

Suki Huang Staff replied 1 month ago

Canada Post Tracking Phone :1-866-607-6301、1-877-632-6347
The pickup phone call: 1(877)396-1539

Hope you can receive it safely.

Shadman answered 4 weeks ago

Canada Post can\’t say anything about a package if it is not in their system.

Shadman Azad answered 4 weeks ago
Start your code here

Thank you I got it. You guys are the best!

Michael Staff replied 4 weeks ago

That’s great to hear!