Pay for the shipping company!

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KIZILSAKAL asked 2 months ago

Pay for the shipping company!  My order #78144

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Michael Staff answered 1 month ago

Hi, It’s a customs charge the import tax. That’s you need to pay the customs tax.

For the Custom Duty:
Customs Duty
We ship all order from China, you may be charged Import Customs Duty by the Customs. The buyer need to pay the tax fully if happened. We only give some support, such as the documents for customs clearance. If you reject to pay Custom Duty, all consequences are borne by you. Read more: Which you agreed before order pay.

KIZILSAKAL answered 1 month ago

I don’t know why the shipping company would do such a thing.
How do they expect me to pay for the package without bringing it to my address?

KIZILSAKAL replied 1 month ago

Here’s my package. Thanks.

Michael Staff replied 1 month ago

Please call FedEx with the tracking number: 784045465624. They should tell you how to get the parcel.