Thor or Minerva?

AnTom asked 4 weeks ago

Hello. I am not ordering anything yet, but I really want to)
I could not find mail for questions on your site (I could not find it, so I am writing through this form)
I am picking myself up a new mouse pad. To this day, my ideal in terms of coverage remains the “HyperX Fury S Speed ​​Edition Pro”. This is a speed pad, very smooth and pleasant to the touch. The mouse glides very easily, but there is a “greasy” effect … how to put it … if you just push the mouse, it will first accelerate, and then it will smoothly stop.
I found out about your company. I need not only a speed mouse pad, but also a large size. I choose between Thor and Minerva. As I understand it, Thor is just a very speedy and slippery mouse pad, and Minerva has this effect of “slowing down” the mouse? Did I understand the description on the site correctly?
Thanks in advance for your reply.

1 Answers
Michael Staff answered 2 weeks ago

It will be Minerva.