X-raypad QuestionsCategory: Shippingwhat-does-it-mean-if-my-order-is-on-hold
oscar liang asked 2 months ago

Placed my order feb 18 arrived in Canada 27 then no more updates from then now says order on hold

2 Answers
Michael Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi, it’s arrived at Canada airport and waiting for the local delivery company pick up. here is online tracking: http://track.4px.com/queryBatch/AS204457858CN?locale=en_US, please wait for the local delivery company updates.
For the order on hold, It’s because there is a dispute from PayPal, who makes the order is on hold. If the dispute is cancelled, the order will be returned to normal status.

Oscar answered 2 months ago

But it’s been waiting for pick up for 7 days now

Michael Staff replied 1 month ago

Last Saturday arrived at the ariport. It should be updating very soon.Please wait 2 more days, thanks!