What does "Shipment Picked Up" Mean?

X-raypad QuestionsCategory: ShippingWhat does "Shipment Picked Up" Mean?
Logan Slaughter asked 2 weeks ago

I have the status on my order that currently says “Shipment Picked Up.” What does this mean? I haven’t received any tracking code, so I was curious as to what that meant for my order.

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Michael Staff answered 2 weeks ago

The pick up means finished order packed and pick up by the logistic company. You will receive the tracking number soon. The tracking number is later because our staff enter the tracking on our site later.

Logan Slaughter replied 2 weeks ago

I did! I got it through my phone number though as a text notification from Fedex.

Harman Deol replied 2 weeks ago

Did you get your tracking number, I been waiting 4 days and still been stuck on Shipment Picked up, and I paid for the express delivery.

Logan Slaughter replied 2 weeks ago

Thank you so much Michael! I appreciate your speedy reply.

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