x-raypad aqua control+ strata rob vs aqua control+ white

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ravenscarrr asked 4 months ago

if i get the strata version which is coated, i know it will worn out eventually (the coating, which always does, doesn’t matter what the brand is), and definitely will worn out much faster than uncoated pad like the white version. so my question is, when the strata/coated version worn out, let’s say after 1 year of using it, washing it like every 1 month with same steps in https://shop.x-raypad.com/how-to-deeply-clean-the-mouse-pad/ , and take a good care of it, no eating on it, no smoking on it, will it be still faster than a brand new, just got out of the box aqua control+ white or even slower than that?

ravenscarrr replied 4 months ago

and 1 more question that i forgot to ask, is the ac+ white faster than zowie g-sr black (not se)?

1 Answers
Michael Staff answered 4 months ago

Hi, Aqua control plus is non-coated. The strata version is just image printed on the surface, but it’s not coated, it’s sublimation. Which is same process as the other image printed mouse pads. Here is the update the Aqua control plus comparing: https://shop.x-raypad.com/aqua-control-plus-gaming-mouse-pads-comparing/  Hope it’s clear to you.