G-wolves G-Sevlow Red-black Mini Skoll Gaming Mouse

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G-Sevlow (G-wolves) Mini Skoll is the lightest weight ergonomic gaming mouse, 45 grams with Honeycomb Hole Shell. It’s small size mouse 45 grams with Honeycomb Hole Shell. Sensor: PMW3389, resolution up to 16000cpi, Max. acceleration: 50 G, Max. speed: 250 IPS, Optical Lens: 1:1

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G-Sevlow (G-wolves) Mini Skoll is the light weight ergonomic gaming mouse, 45 grams with Honeycomb Hole Shell. It’s small size design, Length 117mm x Width 64mm x height 40mm.


– Smaller size and light-weight design
– Super lightweight less 50 grams
– G-wolves plugable USB Paracord
– Honeycomb-design
– PMW 3389 sensor
– Ergonomic shape
– Omron switches

weight of Mini Skoll red black wired gaming mouse Mini Skoll Red black and white black wired gaming mouse

G-Sevlow (G-wolves) Mini Skoll is the little brother to G-Wolves Skoll that was one of the first of it’s kind as en super lightweight mouse with an ergonomic shape. Drawing inspiration from the shape of the legendary Intellimouse 3.0 combined with a honeycomb shell design and G-wolves own paracord, Skoll is a definite recipe for domination.

mini skoll red-black package includes

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    Lightweight at the cost of durability?

    Brent Olsen (verified owner)

    First off I love everything about this mouse, the shape, the weight, the side buttons are in a nice spot for me but after a month of using it my scroll wheel is pretty loose. My gaming sessions range anywhere from 5 to 10 hours and I use the scroll wheel just as much as any other button. I opened up this mouse and I saw that this scroll wheel has a hexagonal end (which is plastic) and it slots into a similar shaped hole in a switch to provide the rotational steps. There is two posts on either side but it’s not even attached to the scroll wheel shaft so, all that is supporting the scroll wheel is the switch that it slots into. I don’t abuse my peripherals and I wouldn’t say that I have been hard on this mouse but in repeatedly using the scroll wheel for repetitive actions the edges of the hexagon shaped shaft feel/look rounded off a bit and the scroll wheel overall feels looser now when I press it and that is disappointing because in longer term use I can only imagine that this will get worse. I can’t be buying a new mouse every month simply because that plastic shape wears out and since it’s past the return window I’ll just have to look at getting something else and hope that G-Wolves possibly makes a revision of this and improves the stability and durability of how that part is designed.

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    Skoll Mini is god tier


    I was an avid fan of the G-wolves skoll when it first got released, lighter mouse with an ec2-b shape, better cable, amazing side buttons, whats not to love. The only gripe I had was with the size and im not going to lie I did prefer the zowie’s mouse 1 and 2 button feel. When I saw the skoll mini was getting released and saw some videos on it I thought the size would be perfect and I was really hoping G-wolves would come in clutch with the build quality and general feel of the mouse.

    As soon as I opened the mouse I could feel the improvements and it felt even more solid than the Skoll, it had literally zero creaking/flexing and the obvious rattle when shaking the mouse that was highlighted on a lot of the early review videos has been fixed .the size for me personally was perfect, if you were like me and had some trouble gripping/manipulating the Skoll because of the size then this mouse will be perfect, the arch on the spine of the mouse has been heightened to really help with overall feel of the mouse and I feel like it provides a good amount of support if you rest the back of your palm on the mouse whether you are using claw or palm grip. The Skoll mini has also been shortened in the length direction and has gotten thinner at the width, I’m not going to list the exact measurements here as there are lots of different youtube videos about the specifics and comparing them to other mice if you are interested.

    The buttons on the Skoll mini got a big improvement, It might not be preferred if you are someone who plays MOBA’s as I find the switches aren’t as light therefore making it harder to control a fast sequence of clicks, such as the repetitive right click spam when controlling your character especially at the higher level. A good description I found was that the Skoll switches feel like you are breaking a small glass vial, in the sense that the Skoll switches are easier to press down/activate with less force. Whereas the Skoll mini feels like im hole punching a thin sheet of metal, I need to apply more pressure to activate the switch however the feeling of it being activated is much more distinct. The side buttons are on the same level as the Skoll’s, very minimal post and pre-travel if any at all, I have to really focus on feeling how much I can actually push the switch in before noticing it, in play if feels just as responsive as the Skoll’s side buttons, the same way that the mouse 1 and 2 are more distinct when activating the switches the Skoll mini’s side buttons reflect the same thing.

    The scroll wheel feels pretty identical to the Skoll when scrolling up and down, the wheel itself is smaller but proportional to the mouse. The only change I’ve noticed was when activating the mouse wheel by pressing it into the mouse it feels harder to press, in the sense that you have to use more force to activate it, you will 100% never accidently press it down but it is also more distinct because of the force required, depending on what you have bound to the scroll wheel press you may take some time to get used to the pressure required such as if you have jump? bound to scroll wheel press.

    The mouse feet that come with the mouse are much better than the Skoll’s feet that come with the mouse, I was someone who always ordered 3rd party mouse feet because I craved that smoothness however with these feet I feel no need to even look up 3rd party feet. They are smooth and feel seamless when on the mousepad, I personally have a softpad so I’m not sure how the feet would feel on a hard pad however I’m assuming if you have a hard pad you probably have a different preference for feet such as ceramic otherwise I’m not sure how long the feet would last.

    The cable that comes with the Skoll mini is detachable which is a fantastic change and should help in the long run when using the mouse cord, whether you are transporting it, storing it, even during shipping. The mouse cable came with zero crinks and no hard angles or turns because it didn’t have to be connected to the mouse itself. I did have some trouble in the past with the original Skoll and the cables going bad on me eventually, which was why I loved that they included another cable in the box however even the quality of the Skoll mini’s cable feels thicker and better insulated. I doubt I will have any problems with the cable this time over. It also of course is a paracord so it feels virtually wireless, especially with a mouse bungee, I have to try very hard to feel in on my mousepad and when I’m aiming in game or practice the mouse feel like it’s wireless.

    The packaging was top tier like usual, I wasn’t sure what to expect because none of the videos touched up on it however it came with improved mouse grips, this time rather than coming with 4 pieces that seemed like they weren’t specifically designed for the mouse they included 6 pieces, 2 for the mouse buttons, 2 for the sides of the mouse, and 2 the for back/spine. These are 100% custom made to fit the shape of the mouse perfectly, they have a much better gripping sensation that feels like you hard wouldn’t slip no matter how dry or wet your hands get. They have a honeycomb pattern meant to match the honeycomb design on the mouse that has the benefit of helping create grip even more, and the left side mouse grip has a perfect indent for the side buttons as well as a ‘Skoll’ logo near the very bottom front of the grip. Personally I don’t have any problem with it because my thumb isn’t that far forward on the mouse however even if you did hold the mouse in a way that meant your thumb was overlapping the logo it feels very similar and is something I have to focus on to be able to feel the difference. They also included 2 extra switches, presumably the same time that they are currently using in the mouse, an extra set of mouse feet (so 4 feet), and a carrying bag and cleaning brush. When I first found the carrying bag I thought it was a make-up brush however it is G-Wolves branded and works really well for cleaning the small crevices and dust that can build up overtime with a mouse, especially one with holes in it

    One thing I almost forgot to mention was the weight/feel of the mouse. Because of the fact that it is 45 grams it feels like I have an absurd amount of control over the mouse. When aiming especially making small precise movements/flicks I feel like I can put my cursor exactly where I want it while also being very gentle, it sounds weird to describe aiming as being gentle especially because I used the ‘Zowie ec2-b’ however I find myself almost putting to much force into my flicks because i’m expecting the mouse to be harder to move than it actually is. Changing targets over a larger distance or changing targets a lot especially when tracking feels seamless and effortless. This is one of the easiest mice I’ve ever had the ability to control because of the weight and shape and is an absolute joy to use.

    Overall I love the changes they made with the mouse, I hope they take some of the improvements they made for this mouse and transfer them to the regular Skoll, especially the feeling of the mouse buttons, I find myself just pressing them sometimes because i’m amazed at how distinct they feel.

    I would highly recommend this mouse especially for people who struggled with controlling the Skoll because of the size or people who like the size/shape of the Zowie ec2-b. Also for people who like smaller/lighter mice but maybe haven’t tried an Ergo yet (such as if you liked the ultralight 2).

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