X-RayPad Thunder8 settles in 6 High-tech Mousepads in the test

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6 High-tech Mousepads in the test 


The X-RayPad Thunder 8 is the first thing on its characteristic metal box in which it is delivered. The highlight is the mouse surface that can be removed and turn around. The first page is very smooth, the other strung and more textured. Thus, the customer has the choice between different operating surfaces. 

The rough surface was found to be most suitable when low resistance and high lubricity are important to you. Using ball mice are accessed better back on the smooth side. In comparison with the glass and especially with the metal Mousepads the Thunder 8 need not to hide. Although it does not look as classy, but was convinced by his qualities, without laying disadvantages to the day us. 

With 28 to 21,75 cm, the surface is average, but could a trace be greater. By far the best rubber studs has the X-RayPad. Without it not easy to raise, it is to move on the desk only with great effort. 

X-RayPad additionally delivers with even a clip to fix the mouse cable with its help. Whether this is necessary depends certainly on the own perception. 

Website: www.x-raypad.com 

xraypad Thunder8 rough surface side xraypad-Thunder8 smooth surface side

The mouse surface is rotatable and each offers different surfaces to choose from. 

xraypad-Thunder8 bottom

Ideal solution: Flat, wide rubber nubs provide the best contact with the desk surface. 


The first side is rough and ideal for optical mice … 


… While the second side is smooth and lends itself to ball mice. 

Conclusion: X-RayPad settles 

Somewhat surprisingly, it is already: the comparatively simple speed pad of Compad is already on the market for several years and can still hold its own against the sometimes extroverted, some thoughtful new mousepads. 

Steelpad 4S and Black Icemat disqualified for office use, as with most mice audible friction noises that can weaken the nerves of colleagues quickly. The games used in computer room or at a LAN party sees the whole then again different: Here the pads with smooth surfaces play to its strengths – but only if as little dirt and foreign particles come between them and the mouse. 

The metal pads Slick Steel Pro R2 and Steelpad 4S are not for sensitive users, because the materials feel noticeably cold to. The same applies to the Corepad and the Black Icemat, though glass is subjectively less cold than metal. 

Fully convincing in this comparison test was only the Thunder 8 of X-RayPad because the mouse surface is rotated and thus provides two different surface. The rougher side also proved in our tests as an excellent base for optical mice.

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