100USD Free shipping?

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Wishin asked 2 months ago

According to your affilate:

  • Free Shipping for orders over $99.99 in lots of Countries

but where is it? Because I have a order of 3 Mousepads (Total 115) so it would be already over the requirement.

2 Answers
Holly Kwang Staff answered 2 months ago

Hi, which country shipping to? I can check for you. 
This free shipping over $99.99 may old policy. Which page you see this, so I can feedback and update the policy. 

Holly Kwang Staff answered 2 months ago

For Switzerland, the order over $139 enjoy free shipping. Please check in your cart. 

Holly Kwang Staff replied 2 months ago

Could you take a screenshot to us checking? Is your cart including other items not mousepad?

Wishin replied 2 months ago

Hi there, My cart is 143USD. I dont get the free Shipping option :(. back then 100USD was free shipping