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    Teru x X-raypad Origin Pro Cerberus Gaming Mouse Pads [強化⻣格: ケルベロス] – SOFT / XSOFT


    TERU x X-Raypad ORIGIN PRO – Enhanced Skeleton: Cerberus (強化⻣格: ケルベロス)
    This is X-RAYPAD first collaboration with Well-known illustrator @teru_by_m ! As Mr. TERU’s first design mouse pad, we have collaborated on Origin Pro details, packaging and other aspects.

    This is a balance mousepad with an accuracy control. Which has smooth and silky surface. This mouse pad is designed for FPS players, especially for players of Valorant, CSGO, and Apex etc…

    Brief features:

    • Zero delay: Quick Flick, Moving Smooth and Accuracy Control
    • Zero interference: Lower edge, When the arm moves, it will not be affected by the edges.
    • Zero displacement: Σ Honeycomb Polyurethane base can be firmly stick on the desktop