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    Xraypad Obsidian skates for Ninjutso Sora


    Obsidian Mouse Skates For Ninjutso Sora, which offer better control and stop. which surface is hard and finely frosted texture.

    Features of Obsidian Mouse Skates

    • To replace existing mouse feet
    • Provides better control and stop
    • hardened PTFE increases the braking power
    • Increase the tracking accuracy
    • 0.8-0.9mm thickness
    • Made of 100% PTFE with hardening treatment
    • 2 sets included


    Major parameters

  • Sale! Jade PTFE Speed skates for Ninjutso Sora

    Xraypad Jade speed Skates for Ninjutso Sora


    Jade PTFE Speed Skates for Ninjutso Sora, Which offer smooth ICE gliding. which is made of pure PTFE with One-piece molding processing, smooth and flat surface, precise fit, allowing the mouse to move more smoothly.

    Which is suitable for cloth mouse pads & plastic mouse pads, Not for glass mouse pads.

    Two sets included.

    Major parameters

    Key features of Jade Mouse Skates For Logitech G Pro X Superlight

  • Sale! Ninjutso Origin One X Wireless Ultralight Gaming Mouse top view

    Ninjutso Origin One X Wireless Ultralight Gaming Mouse


    The legend is back in a lighter and smaller package. New updated Version.

    The IE-inspired ergonomic shape and balanced weight distribution helps improve your aim instantly!

    Introducing the world’s lightest wireless ergo gaming mouse, the Origin One X improves your aim instantly with the legendary IE inspired shape and 66g ultra-lightweight non-honeycomb design.