Aqua Control II

Aqua control 2 is a speed and control mouse pad

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  • Sale! Black Aqua control II gaming mouse pad

    X-raypad Aqua Control II Gaming Mouse Pads


    It likes soft plastic surface, which offers the faster moving speed with good control. Hybrid, Control Amundsen surface focuses on low initial friction, speed and control. Stopping power is good.

    • Surface : Non Coating Rougher Amundsen fabric, control
    • Type: Hybrid / Control, Plastic surface feeling
    • Control:high-efficiency moving in playing gaming.
    • Fast moving
    • Bottom:Non slip rubber.
    • Edge:Lower stitched
    • 3mm thickness
    • Suitable for sweaty hands
  • Sale! 450400 AC+ Black Galaxy

    Aqua Control II Black Galaxy Gaming Mouse Pads


    Aqua Control II mouse pad, black galaxy design. Which is using the same surface as the AC+ Black, the rougher surface than ROB strata.

    • Surface : Non Coating Amundsen fabric, Rough micro-control version.
    • Middle layer: Single-bubble rubber foam by a special structure
    • Bottom:Non-slip.
    • Hardness: SOFT
    • Edge:Stitched Edging
    • Control:high-efficiency moving in playing gaming.
    • Thickness: 3mm
    • Vibrant colors, Do not fade