Mouse Skates

Mouse skates are the ultimate accessory to your game, because the mouse can slide better on all mouse pads and improve your game experience, thanks to improved accuracy and performance. Mouse skates are the feet of the mouse, as they are called, reducing friction, making all your movements smoother, resulting in better precision; the result – a better glide and better control.

X-raypad is proud to provide our gamers with high-quality 100% Teflon mouse skates, mainly for elite gamers who need game mice, who can react with precision and lightning speed at the slightest movement. However, these products are also suitable for those who use the mouse in their daily work and need less friction with the mouse pad.

Too many things can cause the mouse to lose grip sooner or later. Increasing friction is one of the first signs that it’s time to invest in mouse skates that will improve gliding and keep the game mouse responsive. We recommend that you replace the mouse foot at least every six months. If you feel that the sliding condition on the mouse pad deteriorates, please replace it as soon as possible.

How to choose your mouse feet:
1, Film mouse skates: It’s very thin film mouse skates tape, about 0.08mm thickness which will be covered onto the original mouse skates.
2, R-curved mouse skates : Just replace the original mouse skates.
3, Pro version mouse skates: It’s replacement of mouse skates, but please don’t use it on hard plastic mouse pad, due to It is made of hardened surface, too hard, will wear the surface of the mouse pad too quickly.

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