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Brent asked 3 months ago

I would like to order a custom shape mouse pad. It is a custom corner piece section of my desk. The dimensions are 40″ x 40″ x 26″ x 20″ (pentagon). I am willing to buy multiple cut sections that when put together create this shape. I also can send pictures. I am unable to get a response on any of your messaging services yet. Willing and able to pay a premium for such a product.

2 Answers
Michael Staff answered 3 months ago

It’s non-regular pentagon shape desktop. We already answered in other question, here is the repeat:
Hi, please check the size drawing here, are these size correct?

ItsRainingHP replied 3 months ago

Close. 64.7 is approximately 56.5″ and the 36 is approximately 46.5″.

Michael Staff answered 3 months ago

OK, no problem. We can make it in one pieces. I will suggest to make it as solid black one. If so, you can order it here:
Just input the mat size 56.5″ and 46.5″, leave the drawing link at order notes.