Does your company deliver to Russia nowadays?

X-raypad QuestionsCategory: ShippingDoes your company deliver to Russia nowadays?
unknown asked 2 months ago

Just a couple of days I was choosing a carpet for myself, I wanted to order it, I tried it on and everything was fine, the delivery was, now I went to check and writes “No shipping options were found”.

2 Answers
Holly Kwang Staff answered 2 months ago

Yes the shipping method unavailable at present. 
You can order on Russia distributor:
Or AliExpress:

unknown replied 2 months ago

The color of any aqua control sakura (for some reason I want the most ordinary pink, but the rest would not be bad either), and the size is 500 by 500

Holly Kwang Staff replied 2 months ago

Due to Logistics problems, not sure the estimated time on official site. Which color and size you need? So we can sell on AliExpress, there are shipping method via AliExpress 🙂

unknown replied 2 months ago

Could you tell me at least approximately when it will be possible to order from the official site again, I just wanted to order aqua control sakura and the options you suggested do not have this carpet for sale