What Image Resolution For "1200mm (120cm)" x "550mm (55cm)"?

X-raypad QuestionsCategory: Other questionsWhat Image Resolution For "1200mm (120cm)" x "550mm (55cm)"?
Kewin asked 5 months ago

Hey I’m in need of a big Mouse Pad. I’m thinking the “Thor” “1200mm x 550mm” would be good for me. (when it is in stock again)
I’m just a bit worried about the image quality and i want to know what the Minimum resolution of the image is best for “1200mm x 550mm” so i know what resolution i shouldn’t go under.
And i have read the FAQ and i saw that question about PNG or JPEG. i wouldn’t give them a JPEG but maybe a PNG.
but seeing their answer, is PNG a bad file format even if the picture is really high quality? or am i better of finding a way to convert it into a PDF? and anything over 200PPI is good? and what about converting the file to CMYK. Do you X-Ray do it or do i do it before sending it to you? And what is the maximum File size you can accept? And BTW when do you guys think the Custom Thor will be in stock again?
Best Regards! 😀