G-Wolves Skoll Gaming Mouse – only 66 grams

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G-wolves skoll is the light weight ergonomic gaming mouse, 66 grams with Honeycomb Hole Shell. This Skoll mouse is large size version, 125 x 68 x 42mm.  Sensor: PMW3360, resolution up to 12000cpi, Max. acceleration: 50 G, Max. speed: 250 IPS, Optical Lens: 1:1

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  • Sensor: 3360 Optical
  • DPI: 200-12000, in steps of 100
  • Polling Rate in HZ: 125 / 250 / 500 / 1000
  • RGB: Yes
  • Button: 7 Buttons
  • Coating: Matte
  • Cable: Paracord build in and extra one
  • Connection: Wired
  • Cable length: 1.8 m / 5.9 ft

Package includes:

  • one Skoll Mouse
  • one extra paracord
  • one tin box(Random color)
  • Micro switch, mouse skates and grip tape. These are gifts from brand owners and are subject to change without notice.


Skoll packing list 20190906

As shown in the package list, products other than the mouse are given as gifts. We are not responsible for any changes to the gifts.


  • Hand orientation: Right
  • Width – Back: 6.75 cm / 2.65 in
  • Width – Front: 6.31 cm / 2.48 in
  • Width – Middle: 6.00 cm / 2.36 in
  • Length: 12.46 cm / 4.90 in
  • Height: 4.23 cm / 1.66 in
  • Weight: 66 g / 2.32 oz


  • Sensor: PMW3360
  • Resolution: Selectable resolution up to 12000cpi
  • Max. acceleration: > 50 G
  • Max. speed: > 250 IPS
  • Optical Lens: 1:1


  • USB data format: 16 bits/axis
  • Frame Rate: up to 12000 fps


  • Onboard memory: 5 profiles
  • Lightweight, flexible USB cable


  • Windows® 7 or later

Driver Download

Important Note:
1. Run as an administrator.
2. When running the driver, please turn off the anti-virus software first.


  • Download here
  • Tips: Be sure to turn off the mouse driver before performing the firmware update.
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Additional information


Bundle discount

No need, R-curved Mouse skates, 900x400mm Black Thor mousepad, Black Thor 900x400mm and R-curved Mouse skates


No Need, One R-curve mouse skates for Skoll per order

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  1. g wolwes skoll

    MACESA (verified owner)

    Very convenient and easy, but not very practical.

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  2. ASAksenov (verified owner)

    Мышь отличная, в руке лежит, пользоваться одно удовольствие!

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    richie0907 (verified owner)

    Unboxing of one awesome mouse

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  4. Very solid ergo mouse for palm grip

    nikitosinenka (verified owner)

    Here are some useful facts about this product that can help you make a decision:

    – very good cord. You actually don’t need replacement with paracord – stock one is really good.
    – very low weighted mouse indeed.
    – plastic quality is awesome. You will forget about what the wet hands is. Plastic is a bit “scabrous” and very pleasant to touch.
    – Sensor is obviously great top-tier one
    – Really good scroll wheel. Very strict and clean scroll-steps.
    – Shape is pretty nice, is reminds me good old of MS 3.0 shape. This shape is perfect for palm gripers. I tried really big amount of other different ergo shapes on the gaming mice market – this one feels very good comparably to others.
    – easy to use plug-and-play possibility. Separate buttons for LED mode and for DPI mode at the bottom – which I like a lot. I hate DPI button somewhere near wheel.
    – Kind of cute LED, but its personal preference. I saw better ones.
    – be aware that some amount of produced mouses have manufacturing defects, but this honest review is about normal solidly factored one.

    I mean, for palm grip style it is strong 5 stars mouse. If you prefer claw/finger grip – please consider other feedbacks as well, even though mouse is really good – it may not fit your style.

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  5. Skoll is the best mouse.... better than logitech, glorious and finalmouse (obviously)

    Optivex (verified owner)

    My only wish is for them to sell me more spare cables, maybe larger and smaller shapes too because I want to use this mouse forever.
    I really believe this mouse has little to be improved on. The weight, sensor, cable, texture and shape is as good as it gets for aiming. Build quality is solid and buttons are snappy.

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    Short and sweet of it this mouse is impressive. I collect many gaming peripherals as well as any new pc hardware on the market whatever makes an improvement to my gaming and I usually have to have it. So to enlighten you on just how great this company is here are the Pros and Cons

    *First off I ordered the mouse on 05/09/2019 with an expected delivery date been 12/09/2019 – 15/09/2019 however I am happy to say the mouse actually arrived one day before their earliest expected date.
    *The collectors tin is well made and will go into my collection for displayed items.
    *The items that they included adds just that little nice touch of knowing the company takes pride in making their customers happy and gives you a feeling of wishing to support them even further.
    *The mouse build quality on the version I received is great there is NO SIDE WALL FLEX on my version(My Glorious Model O has terrible side wall flex with side clicks when you press the walls)
    *The clicks are responsive/crisp/clicky(on par with Logitech G403s/G502s and even my Glorious Model O)
    *The scroll wheel is great(actually better then my Glorious Model O)
    *The stock mouse feet were surprising just how well they glide although I also ordered the stunning aftermarket feet which offer superior glide over the stock feet for sure(Just to add the stock feet are on par with the Glorious feet however the aftermarket feet that they sold me are well above the offerings of Glorious just wow)
    *The sensor is a 3360 so you expect it to track as well as expected because it’s a good sensor(I have so many mousepads which I have tested it across just incase from the CM MP510, Cougar Control 2, CM MP750, Razer Invicta, Roccat Taito, Asus Rog Sheath etc etc etc and all of which found no issues in tracking)
    *the cable is amazing nearly feels like nothing at all is there(compared to the Glorious cable it is well superior)
    *The shell quality is decent with a rough plastic feel to it which adds more grip in my opinion(but to put a little stab at Finalmouse Ultralight 2 here they included side grips just incase you wish to add grips to suit the way you want to hold the already well tested shape)
    *The holes take a little getting used to as you feel them a tiny bit more then some of the other holey mice but you adjust fairly quickly and I just love the fact that the internals are covered for piece of mind to protect from dust as well as liquid(who the hell spills on their stuff lol)

    *The software needs to be worked on further with some extra language packs to help international customers as well as I had a problem in the first place where windows was not registering the correct DPi settings for the mouse so after freshly installing the drivers again it picked up yay.
    *The mouse could have and should have been lighter to blow the competition away a bit more.
    *I would have appreciated the RGB having a bit more spill over similar to the offerings of Glorious Model O.

    From what I received I’d definitely purchase and support this company as I feel they will only keep getting better. They have put forward a firm competitor to challenge the likes of Logitech, Razer, Finalmouse, Glorious and the rest of the well known names on the list.

    I play many games on PC from Apex Legends, CSGO, MW, BFV, PubG etc where I fully test my peripherals

    And just a word of thanks to the sales team for replying to all my emails 😉

    Keep up the EPIC work and should you get super light mice that you wish to test keep me in mind.

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  7. One person found this helpful


    Adrian Dickerson

    words cannot express how much this mouse has changed how i feel about using my pc. i work in a kitchen every day and sometimes when i get home my hands are too worn out to try and fumble a mouse around. THIS MOUSE feels likes it was made to fit in my hand. i would compare it to a nice set of headphones that you forgot you had on because it feels and sounds so natural. im happy this mouse exists so i can play games when i get home from work.

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  8. One person found this helpful



    I have been in search of a new mouse for some time; the G Pro and Model O were next considerations. However, I could not get use to the shape as for the past 3 years my M65 Pro has served me well. I really like the shape of the M65 and everything I held after just didnt feel right. The moment I held the Skoll my hand naturally fell into place. I knew instantly this would be a great fit. Buttons also feel good and some have complained that the side buttons are above where your thumb rests, but I prefer that to misclicks trying to grip the mouse. It’s also amazing that they add in all these accessories: grip tape, skates, paracord, switces. Packaged in a gorgeous tin box on top of everything else!

    One thing I don’t like though, after a few hours of gaming the honeycomb design has not been kind to my thumb. It’s tender and similar to how I feel after hours of joystick use from controller gaming. The included grip tape has helped with this, and I don’t see myself having tenderness in the future.

    Overall, I’m very pleased with my mouse and everything you get with it. Great value! Just please also allow us to buy the grip tapes separately! I would really like to buy a few sets!

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  9. One person found this helpful

    G-Wolves delivered and there is more to come.

    tenderZeitGeist (verified owner)

    If you want the following:
    – Ergonomic shape of the EC1 (Not 2!, it is closer to the EC1 then the EC2, be aware of that!) with a slightly rough texture.
    – Lightweight.
    – Unmatched value to performance.
    – Something special for your collection without being ridiculous.

    This is for you. You get everything you can ask for. A lightweight, ergo mouse which is paracorded in a collectable package. This mouse/company made me look sideways really critical. I am baffled by G-Wolves. So much, that I will get the Hati for sure.

    What is to improve? Maybe the clicks. They are crisp, but not as tactile as I would like them to be, but I am heavy handed. Other then that, I am a 100% satisfied. No side flex, no double clicks. Are you still interested? Just buy it then, it still makes quite the eye catcher in your collection, if this on isn’t for you. For me, it is a keeper and I am glad to spent every cent on it. Highly recommended!

    Off-topic edit: I have seen some negative report towards X-Raypads. For me, I had a excellent experience. Good customer support, which was very responsive and friendly towards my questions. And the shipping was handle without any problems. I am from Germany, and customs can be quite a hassle at times. Not in this case, they know what they are doing. So if this is holding you back, they are trustworthy and deserve some credit, too.

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  10. Very good mouse near great just needs some better quality control in production!

    Hbradderz (verified owner)

    This mouse would get a 5 star review if it weren’t from some of the issues I have had with it.
    The Pros:
    -Great ergonomic shape. If you like the EC2-A shape you’ll love this(slight better)
    -Great side buttons. The side buttons are so much better than the EC2-A in shape and click.
    -The paracord is delightful no need for a bungee.
    -The glides are great. Although I have corepadz and makes it super smooth.
    -The extras that come with the mouse is top notch haven’t ever had a mouse with so many spares and extras. Plus the tin.
    -Lightweight. That’s a given
    -RGB if you like it, personally I don’t care but its done well.
    -Great shipping and quick responses from Xraypad
    The Cons:
    -The mouse wheel I really like(the steps are great) but now having issues with it (purchased June) it randomly now just auto clicks which is very frustrating.
    -The double clicking on left mouse button is annoying this is due to reducing the button response time to 6ms due to the slow response time out the box so its either slow response or double clicking.

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