Aqua Speed gaming mouse pad with water-proof surface
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Aqua Speed gaming mouse pad with water-proof surface

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sku: Aqua Speed gaming mat

Quick Overview
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Supports full-sized keyboard with more than enough room for mouse
  • Low Friction: Smooth cloth surface for SPEED and CONTROL
  • Anti-slip rubber base
  • Optimized for various mouse sensors and sensitivities
  • Machine Washable
  • 1 year warranty from date of purchase


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Product Description

X-raypad Aqua Speed gaming mouse pad that supports both your gaming keyboard and mouse. Which are smooth fabric surface with water-proof treatment of Nano technology. 

Why do you need a full waterproof surface? We always put a drink or cup onto a desk.If the beverage is accidentally spilled, the water-resistant surface can prevent the liquid from leaking into the mouse pad. So you can clean your surface very easily. So Aqua speed gaming mouse pad will be the right choice of waterproof mouse pad.

Aqua speed gaming mouse pads family



Smooth and Fine Weave

The Speed Edition gaming mouse pad creates a smooth and seamless surface, and your gaming mouse quickly slides freedom. The fabric also provides a comfortable feel during your extended wrist and hand to minimize fatigue during extended play. 


Optimized for All Sensors

Full support for Laser or Optical Sensors – Optimized all sensitivity settings and sensors, Regardless of your sensitivity setting or the preferred gaming mouse, provides a comprehensive track response to always reliable gaming controls.


Water-Proof Treatment by Nano Technology


Full waterproof treatment on whole mouse pad surface


aqua-speed-mouse-pads-water-proof-02 aqua-speed-mouse-pads-water-proof-surface aqua-speed-mouse-pads-water-proof-03



Conclusions of Aqua Speed mouse pads
1,very nice speed edition – comfortable smooth surface.
2,Nano technology to ensure Full waterproof on mat surface
3,Extended larger size to protect your desk
4,High quality edge stitching.
5,Compatible for all mouses

Still not convinced about our quality? If there are any issues with your mousepad, we provide you with a replacement free of charge (up to one year from date of purchase).

Additional Information

Aqua size

Medium 11x13in * 28x33cm, Large 12x14in * 30x35cm, XL 16x18in * 40x46cm, EXTENDED 12x36in * 30x91cm, XL EXTENDED 16x36in * 41x91cm, XXL EXTENDED 18x36in * 46x91cm, 3XL EXTENDED 24x36in * 61x91cm, 4XL EXTENDED 24x48in * 61x122cm

Custom MousePads and Playmats introduction

1, Materials: Rubber & Fabric

Showing details of rubber mouse pad materials
Fabric top and rubber bottom with non-slip texture
  • Natural rubber
  • 100% Polyester fabric

2, Edge treatment

edge treatment comparing
Corners & Edge Introducing

3, Surface: Smooth VS Rough

Image printing comparing on smooth fabric and rough surface
Surface Introducing

4, Upload Artwork

You can upload here for your order or Preview before order.

5, Order Work Flow

Custom item Order Workflow

6, About Printing

Custom Size Limited

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