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G-wolves black small skoll (SKS) is the lightest weight ergonomic gaming mouse, 45 grams with Honeycomb Hole Shell. It’s small size mouse 45 grams with Honeycomb Hole Shell. Sensor: PMW3389, resolution up to 16000cpi, Max. acceleration: 50 G, Max. speed: 250 IPS, Optical Lens: 1:1

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G-wolves Black Small Skoll (SKS) is the light weight ergonomic gaming mouse, 45 grams with Honeycomb Hole Shell. It’s small size design, Length 117mm x Width 64mm x height 40mm.


– Smaller size and light-weight design
– Super lightweight less 50 grams
– G-wolves plugable USB Paracord
– Honeycomb-design
– PMW 3389 sensor
– Ergonomic shape
– Kalih 80M switches


G-wolves Small Skoll(sks) is the little brother to G-Wolves Skoll that was one of the first of it’s kind as en super lightweight mouse with an ergonomic shape. Drawing inspiration from the shape of the legendary Intellimouse 3.0 combined with a honeycomb shell design and G-wolves own paracord, Skoll is a definite recipe for domination.

G-wolves SKS Black Gaming Mouse top view

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  1. Alright I'm back after utilizing this mouse for almost a full year and with upgraded mouse descriptions


    Decided to write this updated review on the Black version of the Skoll mini because there wasn’t any reviews here.

    For reference I have personally been using the Skoll’s parent design the ‘Zowie ec2-b’ since 2016 and was always on the lookout for an upgrade because I felt that the buttons on Zowie’s left and right click would become squishy overtime and was hoping to find a better ergonomic gaming mouse. During this time I was experimenting with different grip styles and found myself to have more control changing from a palm grip into a claw/fingertip grip. This effect was encouraged more as the mouse got smaller up to the current ‘Skoll mini’ however was something that as I got used only offered me finer control of the mouse combined with the weight of 45g’s.

    The ergonomic shape of the Skoll guides your fingers to the thinnest part of the mouse naturally. The red version of this mouse available shows better pictures taken from the bottom for reference. The natural balance of the mouse lies just above the sensor which encourages a frontal focused grip style which is usually achieved by claw and fingertip grip. I feel that palm uses your wrist as the focal point so mouse balance matters less for palm grip. This feeling and was personally something I never had issues with and honestly preferred.

    The switches still feel good for me however as with all natural wear the switches don’t feel as “hole punchey” and feel more similar to the original Skoll switches. I haven’t had any problems with squeaky mouse clicks personally. Both left and right click feel very crisp and have no pre-travel with minimal post travel.

    The mouse wheel still feels comfortable if not a bit more rounded out due to use but that’s pretty unavoidable with a rubbery material for the wheel. I can still confidently scroll once and the mouse notches are still very evident. Mouse wheel press or mouse click 3 feels good however it might be on the heavier side to activate, I don’t mind this personally as I would rather not have it light and activate accidently however this could be important if you use binds that uses scroll wheel press excessively.

    I have only had 1 of the wires goes bad on me within about 4 months but I’m assuming it had something to do with an improper mouse bungee setup that kept to much tension on the wire. I have had the replacement cord for 8 months and haven’t even had any times that the mouse has skipped or gone dead randomly. A replacement cable is provided which solves the problem and you can now order replacement cables however as long as you don’t keep tension within the cable like I did you should be fine. The paracord aspect of the mouse is good, the wire is kind of thick compared to modern paracords but the overall wireless feel is still there with the cord feeling effortless to move on a surface.

    The side mouse buttons don’t get in the way for me and are positioned in a good spot. I don’t feel there would be many grip styles where you could accidently trigger them. They feel crisp and have little to no pre-travel with a small amount of post travel.

    The mouse feet are fantastic and feel very smooth, make sure to take off the clear plastic cover however cause I left mine on for 3 months and just thought that the feet where not very good at sliding. They have adequate rounding on the edges that helps to smooth your mouse transitions and comes with a secondary pair presumably provided incase you have to swap your mouse cable to a new one. This makes sense however I would love for just one more full pair to be provided. The reason is because you take apart the mouse for any reason you will have to take of the back mouse feet to gain access to the screws and makes it very hard to salvage the mouse feet when doing so. Then you would have 2 opportunities to take apart the mouse and if everything goes well you can actually replace your mouse feet because I’m struggling to find replacement feet.

    Personally this mouse provides me with perfect control while using my Claw/Fingertip grip and allows me to avoid having the palm of my hand touching the lower/back hump of the top shell. The place were my hand rests on are the seams where the Top shell meets the Molded Side walls, for reference this is the line between the colors for both versions of the ‘Skoll mini’. This allows for me to have better side-to-side control with the mouse as the middle of my palm acts as a shell that the Lower back of the mouse can move around inside. This is hard to describe but it means that as I am changing my arm position from the middle of my mouse pad and sweeping left I usually adjust the mouse and angle it towards the left, positioning it against my hand on the right-hand side of my palm, this causes the mouse to become more in-line with my Aiming or Index finger as my hand when aiming will naturally curve to the left or right depending on which way I am sweeping. So basically I can better align my Index finger with the orientation of the mouse based on which side I am currently aiming to, either the left or the right.

    After using the ‘mini G-wolves Skoll’ for a full year I can say it is still my favorite and by a long shot. I’m looking forward to the wireless version and pray they manage to keep the mouse under 50g and with low input delay via wireless. The connection on the ‘G-wolves Hati S Wireless’ seems to have positive reviews and personally the antenna doesn’t bother me at all as long as the connection it provides is worth the extra bulk. If you want more information focused on my initial thoughts when I first purchased the mouse you can check out the Red version of the ‘G-wolves Skoll mini’ on this website and my username will be the same.

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