Custom mouse pads any size

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Custom mouse pads any size

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We print custom mouse pads any size per your specification, by uploading your photo,
company logo or image with any color printing, Gaming Mat Quality, fabric top & natural rubber mouse pads.

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Product Description

We print custom mouse pads any size per your specification, by uploading your photo,
company logo or image with any color printing, Gaming Mat Quality, fabric top & natural rubber mousepads.

Custom size and custom print

Features of custom mouse pads:

  • -. Gaming Mat Quality
  • -. Smooth or Rough gaming surface option
  • -. Fine fabric surface at top mat
  • -. Soft natural rubber base, Non-slip
  • -. Any Size per your needs
  • -. custom mouse pads no minimum
  • -. Full color Printing: print your own image/logo/photo on the top mouse pad


Rubber Mat structure introducing

Rubber Mat structure introducing


For the custom mats with full image printed,  the max length to 78 inches and the max width is 36 inches.  But for the solid black rubber mat, the max length is up to 100 inches and the max width is up to 48 inches. That will be the largest mouse pad or mat globally so far.


Custom Mouse Pads Steps:

  • Step 1: Select the mat size and other specifications.
  • Step 2: Leave artwork download links at Check out page(recommended).
  • Step 3: Place your order
  • Step 4: You can also email us or upload file after order placed.
  • Upload your photos, logo, or artwork to create own custom mouse pads. Any size, No minimum quantity.


Know More Information as below

Custom mouse pads per your specification

Custom mouse pads per your specification

You just need to measure your table or other surface and tell us your sizes, we will make custom size per your need. By the way, we list about 27 sizes of custom mouse pads with prices here, if need other size, please check 2nd any size prduct or just contact us. 

Ensure quality printing of custom mouse pads

  • Ink on mat. It’s what we’re good at.
  • Make sure your image is clear in 100% ratio.
  • Vibrant Colors: CMYK artwork, logos & branding
  • Whole area image printing is available.


Free edition on your artwork

  • Free Edition-just send us your image, we will do edition for you 100% freely.
  • Image format: jpg, png, pdf, psd, ai or cdr or other.
  • You will receive an approval file(preview image) after ordered. Ensure the printing quality is the best.

If you can’t find right mat size from our list, please tell us your custom size in our contact form.

Features and benefits

Main Features & benefits


If have any question of custom mouse pads, just contact

Risk free - money back with any quality issue

Risk free – money back with any quality issue

Additional Information

Any size

6″x3.5″x1/8″ / 155*90*3mm, 7.25″x19.5″x1/8“/495*185*3mm, 10″x8″x1/8″ / 255*205*3mm, 10 7/8“ x 8 3/8” x 1/8″ /275*215*3mm, 10″x9″x1/8″ / 255*230*3mm, 11.25″x8.75″x1/8″/ 285*225*3mm, 11.8″x9.8″x1/8″ / 300*250*3mm, 11.8″x8.97″x1/8″ / 300*228*3mm, 11.8″x8.7″x1/8″ / 300*220*3mm, 12″ diameter round mat, 12.6″x10.63″x1/8″ / 320*270*3mm, 13″x8.5″x1/8″ / 330*215*3mm, 13.4″x11″x1/8″ / 340*280*3mm, 13.5″x9.5″x1/8″ / 340x240x3mm, 13.8″x9.8″x1/8″ / 350*250*3mm, 14″x10″x1/8″ / 355x255x3mm, 14″x7″x1/8″ / 355*180*3mm, 14″x12″x1/8″ / 355*305*3mm, 14.6″x10.2″x1/8″ / 370*260*3mm, 14.7″x9.8″x1/8″ / 375*250*3mm, 14.96″x11″x1/8″ / 380*280*3mm, 15″x12″x1/8″ / 380*305*3mm, 15″x7.5″x1/8″ / 380x190x3mm, 15″x8.75″x1/8″ / 380*225*3mm, 15.7″x11.8″x1/8″ / 400*300*3mm, 15.7″x15.7″x1/8″ / 400*400*3mm, 15.75″x11.8″x1/12″ / 400*300*2mm, 16″x10″x1/8″ / 405*255*3mm, 16″x12″x1/8″ / 405*305*3mm, 17″x15″x1/8″ / 430*380*3mm, 17″x10.5″x1/8″, 17.3″x9.5″x1/8″ / 440*240*3mm, 17.32″ x 9.64″x 1/8″ / 440*245*3mm, 17.5″ x 11″x1/8″ / 445*280*3mm, 17.5″x9.64″x1/8″ /445*245*3mm, 17.7″x15.75″x1/8″ / 450*400*3mm, 17.7“ x 12.6″x 1/5 ” / 450*320*5mm, 17.7″ x11.8″ x 1/6″ / 450*300*4mm, 17.7″ x 11.8″ x 1/8 ” / 450*300*3mm, 17.7″x17.7″x1/8″ / 450*450*3mm, 18″x17″x1/8″ / 460*430*3mm, 18″ x 16″ x 1/8″ / 460*405*3mm, 18″x12″x1/8″/460*305*3mm, 18.1″x15.7″x 1/8″ / 460*400*3mm, 18.25″x33.25″x1/8″/840*460*3mm, 19″x15″x1/8″ / 485*380*3mm, 19.2″x14.6″x1/8″ / 490x390x3mm, 19.2″x8.8″x1/8″ / 487*223*3mm, 19.5″x15.5″x1/8″ / 495*395*3mm, 19.68″x18.9″x1/8″ / 500x480x3mm, 19.7″x11.8″x 1/8″ / 500*300*3mm, 19.7″x19.7″x1/8″ / 500*500*3mm, 20″x10″x1/8″ / 510x255x3mm, 20″x12″x1/8″ / 508*305*3mm, 21″x14.5″x1/8″ / 535*370*3mm, 21.25″x11.8″x1/8″ / 540*300*3mm, 22″x10″x1/8″ / 560*255*3mm, 22″x8″x1/8″ / 560*205*3mm, 22.125″x18.375″x1/8″ / 560*465*3mm, 22.5″ X 11.25″ 1/8″ / 570*285*3mm, 22.5″x12″x1/8″ / 570*305*3mm, 23″x17″x1/8″ / 585*430*3mm, 23″x21x1/8″ / 585*535*3mm, 23″x10″x1/8″ / 585x255x3mm, 23.5″ x 11.5″ x 1/8“ / 597*292*3mm, 23.6″x15.7″x1/8″ / 600*400*3mm, 23.6″x13.8″x1/8″ / 600*350*3mm, 23.6″ x 11.8″ x 1/8″ / 600*300*3mm, 23.6″x10″x1/8″ / 600*250*3mm, 23.62″x17.7″x1/8″ / 600*450*3mm, 24″x15″x1/8” / 610*381*3mm, 24“x18″x1/12″ / 610*460*2mm, 24″x14″x1/8″ / 610*355*3mm, 24″x11.75″x1/8″ / 610*300*3mm, 24.4″x51.2″x1/12″/ 1300*620*2mm, 24.75″x10.75″x1/8″ / 630*270*3mm, 24.75″x10.75″x1/8″ / 630x270x3mm, 25″x17.91″x1/8″/635x455x3mm, 25″x11.5″x1/8″ / 635*295*3mm, 25.5″x8″x1/8″ / 650*205*3mm, 25.5″x9″x1/8″ / 650*230*3mm, 25.5″x10″x1/8″ / 650*255*3mm, 25.5″x12″x1/8″ / 650*305*3mm, 25.5″x12″x1/8″ / 650*3053*3mm, 25.6″ x 11.8″ x 1/8″ / 650*300*3mm, 25.6″ x 15.7″ x 1/8″ / 650*400*3mm, 25.6″ x 13.8″ x 1/8″ / 650*350*3mm, 25.98″x16.14″x1/8″ / 660*410*3mm, 25.98″ x 14.6″ x 1/8″ / 660*370*3mm, 26″ x 10″ x 1/8″ / 660*255*3mm, 26”X9.5”/660*240*3mm, 26″x12″x1/8″ / 660*305*3mm, 26″x9″x1/8″ / 660*230*3mm, 26.38″x10.63″x1/8″/670*270*3mm, 26.5″x11″x1/8″ / 675*280*3mm, 26.7″ x 12.8″ x 1/8″ / 680*325*3mm, 26.75″x10.75″x1/8″ / 680*275*3mm, 27″x10.5″x1/8″ / 685*265*3mm, 27.5″ x 15.7″ x 1/8″ / 700*400*3mm, 27.5″ x 11.8″ x 1/8″ / 700*300*3mm, 27.56″x8.66″x1/8″ / 700*220*3mm, 27.96″x10″x 1/8″ / 710*255*3mm, 28″x10″x1/8″, 28″x12″x1/8″ / 710*305*3mm, 28‘’x16‘’x 1/8″ /715*410*3mm, 28″x14″x1/8″ / 710*355*3mm, 28.25″x14″x1/8″ / 720*355*3mm, 28.35″x15.75″x1/8″ / 720*400*3mm, 28.9″x16.14″x 1/8″ / 735*410*3mm, 29″x21.6″x1/8″ / 736*550*3mm, 29″x18″x1/12″ / 740*460*2mm, 29″ x 13″ x 1/8″ / 737*330*3mm, 29.5″x11.8″x1/8″ / 750*300*3mm, 29.5″x10.6″x1/8″ / 750*270*3mm, 29.5″x23″x1/8″ / 750*585*3mm, 29.92″x18.11″x1/8″/760x460x3mm, 30″ x 12″ x 1/8″/ 765*305*3mm, 30″x11″x1/8″ / 765x280x3mm, 30″x10″x1/8″ / 765*255*3mm., 30”x15”x1/8”/765*380*3mm, 30″x10.5″x1/8″ / 765*265*3mm, 30″x14″x1/8″ / 762x355x3mm, 30.7″x12.6″x1/8″ / 780*320*3mm, 30.9″x27.36″x1/8″ / 785*695*3mm, 31.4‘’x13.77‘’x1/8‘’/800*350*3mm, 31.49″x12.59″x1/8″ / 800*320*3mm, 31.5″ x 13.8″ x 1/8″ / 800*350*3mm, 31.5″ x 11.8″x 1/8″ / 800*300*3mm, 31.5″x9.8″x1/8″ / 800*250*3mm, 31.5″x19.7″x 1/8″ / 800*500*3mm, 31.5″x17.7″x 1/8″ / 800*450*3mm, 31.5″ x 15.7″ x 1/8″ / 800*400*3mm, 32″x15″x1/8″ / 815*380*3mm, 32″x16″x1/8″ / 815*405*3mm, 32″ x 18″ x 1/8″ / 810*457*3mm, 32.5″x18.5″x1/8″ / 825*470*3mm, 33″x14.5″x1/8″ / 840*370*3mm, 33.46″x19.7″x 1/8″ / 850*500*3mm, 33.5″x14.5″x1/8″ / 850*370*3mm, 34″ x 11″ x 1/8″ / 865*280*3mm, 34″x22″x1/8″, 34″x20″x1/8″/865x510x3mm, 34.84″x23.82″x1/8″ / 885*605*3mm, 35.125″ x 23.5″x1/8″ / 893*597*3mm, 35.4″ x 17.7″ x 1/8″ / 900x450x3mm, 35.4″x23.6″x1/8″ / 900*600*3mm, 35.4″x15.7″x 1/8″ / 900*400*3mm, 35.4″x16.5″x 1/8″ / 900*420*3mm, 35.4”x12.59”x1/8”/900*320*3mm, 35.4″ x 18.1″ x 1/8″ / 900*460*3mm, 35.4″x11.8″x1/8″ / 900*300*3mm, 35.4″ x 14.6″ x 1/8″ / 900*370*3mm, 35.5″x9.75″x1/8″ / 900*250*3mm, 35.8″ x 13″ x 1/8″ / 910*330*3mm, 36″x12″x1/8″/915*305*3mm, 36″x16″x1/8″/915x405x3mm, 36″x18″x1/8″ / 915*457*3mm, 36.2″x11.8″x1/8″ / 920*300*3mm, 36.6″x23.8″x 1/8″ / 930*605*3mm, 37.4″ x 21.6″ x 1/8″ / 950*550*3mm, 38.19″x11.8″x1/8″/970x300x3mm, 39.37″x23.6″x1/8″/1000*600*3mm, 39.37″x9.84″x1/8″ / 1000*250*3mm, 39.37″x11.8″x1/8″ / 1000*300*3mm, 39.37″ x 15.7″ x 1/8″ / 1000*400*3mm, 39.37″x15.75″x1/8″ / 1000*400*3mm, 39.37″x13.78″x1/8″/ 1000*350*3mm, 40″x20″x1/8″ / 1015*510*3mm, 41″ x 15 ½” x 1/8″ / 1040*395*3mm, 41.34″x19.68″x1/8″ / 1050*500*3mm, 42″x18″x1/8″ / 1070mm*460mm*3mm, 42″x23″x1/8″ / 1065*585*3mm, 45 1/4″ x 26 2/8″ x 1/8″ / 1150*670*3mm, 45″x19.5″x1/8″/1145x495x3mm, 45.2″ x 21.6″ x 1/8″ / 1150*550*3mm, 45.3″ x 15.7″ x 1/8″ / 1150*400*3mm, 47″x35″x1/12″ / 1194*889*2mm, 47.24″x15.75″x1/8″ / 1200*400*3mm, 47.24″x29.53″x1/8″ / 1200*750*3mm, 47.25″x8.86″x1/8″ /1200*225*3mm, 47.25″x18.9″x1/8″ / 1200*480*3mm, 47.64″x20″x1/8″ / 1210*510*3mm, 48″x20″x1/8″ / 1220x510x3mm, 49.2″x39.37″x1/8″ / 1250*1000*3mm, 50”x18”x1/12″ / 1270*460*2mm, 50″x24″x1/5″/1270x610x5mm, 50″x25″x1/8″ / 1270*635*3mm, 51″x24″x1/8″ / 1295*610*3mm, 51.2″x27.55″x1/8″ / 1300*700*3mm, 53″x26″x1/8″ / 1345*660*3mm, 54″x28″x1/8″ / 1370*715*3mm, 55.1″x21.65″x1/8″ / 1400*550*3mm, 55.11″x8.26″x1/8″/1400*210*3mm, 58.3″x15.7″x1/12″ / 1480*400*2mm, 59″x13.78″x1/8″ / 1500*350*3mm, 59″x21.6″x1/8″ / 1500*550*3mm, 59″x23.6″x1/8″ / 1500*600*3mm, 60″x27.5″x1/12″ / 1525*700*2mm, 60″x8″x1/8″ / 1525*205*3mm, 60″x11.25″x1/8″ / 1524*286*3mm, 60″x36″x1/8″ / 1525*915*3mm, 62″x26″x1/12″ / 1575*660*2mm, 63″x31.5″x1/8″ / 1600*800*3mm, 63″x31.5″x1/8″ / 1600*800*3mm, 78.74″x23.62″x1/8″ / 2000*600*3mm, 80″x44″x1/8″ / 2032*1118*3mm, 500*200*3mm, 675x205x3mm, 750x390x3mm

Mat Corners

Black Edge Stitched, Edge Non-stitched, round corners

Mat Surface

Speed Edition-Smooth, Control Edition – Rough


1. Leave a download link at Order Notes & send me a preview image before printing., 2. Upload file after order placed and need a preview image., 3. I will send an image via email & send me a preview image before printing., 4. I already sent my file and confirmed the preview image., 5. I need help with design, contact me after order is placed.

Free Gift

10 dots TP5A Mouse Skates, ASUS HS-101 Headset for Product Cost US$30 or above, Sticker, Nothing

Custom service includes:

  • Custom Printing
  • Custom Size
  • Custom Shape
  • Edge Treatment

About Artwork:

  1. Manual check artwork
  2. Make a preview for approval
  3. Start production after approval



Here will introduce the mouse pad materials, Edge treatment, mat surface, upload artwork, how to work? printing and size limitation. Learn More...

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4.98 out of 5 stars

49 reviews

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What others are saying

  1. 2 out of 2 people found this helpful


    The texture on the mat feels great (I bought the speed version of the mat). Delivery was quick considering it was shipped internationally. Definitely get one for yourself if you’re on the fence about it!

    (2) (0)

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  2. Thorsten (verified owner)

    Got it a few weeks ago and i am very impressed by the printing quality. Photoshop file was 1 GB though. Chose the smooth surface. and shipping by DHL express to germany only took 2.5 days.
    Now i can disappoint my parents with my 115 x 40 cm Weeaboo mousepad. Would order again, if i get a bigger Table.

    (0) (0)

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  3. Kevin H

    Received quickly, impeccable quality, I am really satisfied thank you

    (0) (0)

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  4. photosbyiki

    This was my first time using this company and I wasn’t quite sure. However, They were not only very helpful with all my questions, they also sent me a photo of the finished product when it was finished printing.

    The results are excellent and very accurate to how prepared the artwork.
    I would give them A++ rating.

    (0) (0)

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  5. Thomas Gitlevaag (verified owner)

    super great quality mousepads, great packaging, fast response, great sevice, decent delivery with minimal issues!

    (0) (0)

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  6. NewMouse (verified owner)

    I’m so happy that I came across X-Raypad when I was looking to gift my friend a new custom mouse pad! The image looks wonderful and the quality of the materials used are pretty nice. It has a no-slide rubber backing and the option to include stitching around the edges gives it a wonderful polished look. It’s a great service at a great price.
    I will definitely order one for myself sometime!

    (0) (0)

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  7. michaela suchecki (verified owner)

    Got my 2 mousepads Iordered in today and they are absolutely perfect! The pictures are clean and exactly like what i sent, and they send an email with an example of the image you chose. They also let you know if the image will be blury or not.
    Overall the experience and products are top notch! Very happy with the items! 🙂

    (0) (0)

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  8. Richard Wilson (verified owner)

    Absolutely loved doing business with X-raypad! I cannot recommend their services enough. My pad came exactly as I desired it and their customer service went above and beyond in their efforts to make sure I was a satisfied client. I honestly can say this was a truly spectacular transaction. Look no further if you need a custom tailored mouse/game/table pad because you’ve found the company you’ve been looking for.

    (0) (0)

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  9. lddiamond

    I ordered 2 of these recently. The whole process was great. The agent too the time to help me pick out good pictures and send over what what product would look like before I agreed.

    Just got the product and couldn’t be happier.

    Will use again in the future.

    (0) (0)

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  10. Luuk van Riel (verified owner)

    We bought 11 of these for our office redesign and we are very satisfied with the quality. The print is clean and just as we wanted. The stitching is really well done and tidy and the mousepad feels like it will last us for a long time. Definitely recommend xraypad for your next mousepad purchase. (Also the prices is really impressive for what you get.)

    (0) (0)

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